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Gryshchenko: Government should polish laws to flight copyright piracy

14.02.2013 16:11

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers should take up amending of legislation on copyright and related rights, according to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Kostiantyn Gryshchenko.

"In the near future, the executive authorities in cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada should significantly improve the legal framework for the protection of copyright and related rights in our state. The threat of adding Ukraine in the category of major global offenders in that area is a great challenge for us," he said at a meeting with the Chairman of the State Intellectual Property Service Mykola Kovynia, reads a posting on the cabinet's Web site on Tuesday.

The vice premier instructed those concerned to promptly provide suggestions how to improve the legal framework and law enforcement practices in the fight against copyright piracy and how to streamline the collection of royalties.

According to Hryschenko, the situation in this area is subject to close monitoring by the U.S. and EU countries.

"There is no doubt that the state of copyright protection is one of the key criteria that define the image of Ukraine in the dialogue with partners in the West. Willingness to equate [intellectual] piracy and thefts is the sign of a modern civilized society. Therefore, we must take immediate steps to improve the situation," he added.


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